Forklift trucks are possibly very risky machinery in the place of work. Each year, a significant number of deaths are reported in factories, and some include drivers who lift trucks. Whether you are thinking of becoming a forklift truck driver or your business needs one, it is essential to understand that just like learning to drive a car, proper training requires to be included and a license is mandatory. 

There are some elements to reflect on the journey to becoming a competent driver. These are: 

  • Type of License Required 
  • The capability of the Driver 
  • The Right Training Provider 

Type of License Needed 

The type of license you need depends on kind of truck you will be required to drive; every forklift group needs one. 

For instance, a license to drive a bumpy ground lift truck does not mean you can force a telescopic handler. To do so, you would be needed to join a transformation training course. It is a one day course intended for those already licensed and desiring to prolong their abilities and permit to drive another type of machine. 

If you are uncertain of which fork truck license to get, then talk to your training provider. On the other hand, a communal way is to embark on training for a counter well-adjusted forklift truck (up to 5 tone’s)  

Driver Capability Level 

Your level of knowledge will determine the degree and amount of training you need: 

1 Day Review- Required for those with prior skills whose license has expired. 

3 Day New Worker- For those new to forklift truck driving but with understanding or previous awareness of forklift trucks 

5 Day Learner- For those with no earlier practice, in any dimensions, of forklift trucks. 


The Right Training Provider 

Your training provider will run through a training analysis module. It is essential to commence your training with a reputable company devoted to providing skilled and excellence training. A good provider should be NORS (National Operators Registration Scheme) listed and with RTITB (Road Transport Industry Training Board) level authorization. Many dependable forklift truck corporations offer driver training, or you can visit the RTITB website for a list of qualified training providers. 

Charges differ- there are those who take few trainees on each course. These may be costly but will offer better practices. In summary, taking time to comply with  training requirements is important. 

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