Medical insurance

This is also termed as health insurance. And it’s the insurance that covers the whole or a part of a risk to a person that incurs the medical expenses. It’s done by estimating the general risk of healthcare and health systems may include insurance for loses from accidents, disability or accidents leading to death.


A health insurance policy is a contract between an insurer provider and a certain individual. Mainly the contract is always renewable or you can have the long run cases of private insurance. The amount to pay and the type of Travel Insurance to be covered to an individual are specified in writing. The individual insured make take several forms like

Premium-this the amount the policy holder will pay to the health plan so as to be able to purchase the health coverage.

Deductible-this is the amount the one insured has to pay from the pocket before the health insurer pays it share. Some insurance covers do not cover some unnecessary deductions like the doctors’ visits and consultation

Copayment-this the amount the insured has to pay out of pocket before the insurer pays for a particular visit or service from AXA Insurance

Co-insurance-this is a certain percentage that the insured person has to pay for example the insured might have to pay 20% for a surgery over and is above the copayment  as the insurance company pays the other 80%

Exclusions-the covered insurer is expected to pay the full cost of the services that are not covered by the insurance company. You will pay for all those services you have not had covered by the insurance company as it had already stated before you entered into an agreement with them.Get the payments from your pockets’.

Coverage limits-some insurance company may the charges up to a certain amount and the insurer is expected to pay the amount in this case the insurance company will not pay further after they have reached the benefit maximum

Out of pocket maxima-the insured person’s payment obligation comes to an end when they reach the out of pocket maximum, the health company pays for all the further covered costs.

Capitation-This amount which is paid by an insurer to a certain health care provider then they provide in returns agrees to treat all the members with the certain insurance policy.

Explanation of benefits-a certain document may be sent over to a patient by the insurer which explains what has been covered for a medical service

Prior authorization-this is a certificate the insurer provides to you before you go through any medical service. When you have this it shows that the insurer is ready to pay for the service you are going through.

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