Release the Dunblane Report now. No cover-up for 100 years.

Yesterday I wrote about how there should be criminal investigation into the Westminster/Establishment paedophile accusations, and not another Government sponsored enquiry/whitewash/cover-up/.

In 1996 Thomas Hamilton murdered 16 school children and a teacher in the Dunblane massacre, then shot himeslf. A senior Scottish lawyer, Lord Cullen, conducted an enquiry and wrote a report. The rumour is that Hamilton was involved in a paedophile ring which included senior members of the Establishment.

When Lord Cullen had completed his report an unbelievable decision was made: that his report should remain secret for for 100 years!

The reason given at the time was that it was to save the victims further trauma during their lifetimes.  Were the victims actually asked I wonder?  If a terrible crime has been committed against you then the natural inclination is to want the criminal/s exposed.

 The  Coalition Government should demonstrate its good intentions in the current scandal by immediately releasing the Dunblane Report. Both Houses of Parliament should call for this to happen.


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Paedophile enquiry is a red herring.

The proposed enquiry into the Westminster and Establishment paedophile activity, and the furore about Lady Butler-Sloss, is a giant red herring which is diverting attention from the real issue.

What is required is not another Government sponsored enquiry, which, like the Chilcot enquiry into the Iraq war, may never see the light of day, or be heavily censored when it does.

There should be a full police criminal investigation, starting with those who claim to be victims.  If there is sufficient evidence against the alleged perpetrators it should proceed to criminal trials. This should be done with all possibly haste.

There should also be a police investigation into the claims of victims where the alleged perpetrator is no longer alive – or deemed unfit to stand trial. This would encompass the Cyril Smith case.

The Government should also order the Security Agencies to fully co-operate with the police and release any pertinent information they may have.

Likewise, the Government should ensure (and pass legislation if required) that anyone who is questioned by the police, and who has signed the Official Secrets Act, should not to be bound by the Act in these cases.

Only by these means will we get to the truth about what happened, and enable justice to be done.

The BBC Panorama programme of a few months ago contained testimony from police officers that the Security Services warned them off investigating Cyril Smith, and that the Crown Prosecutor refused to take the case further.

The only reasonable explanation for the establishment protection of Cyril Smith is that a criminal case into his activities would have led to more important people being implicated.

The victims in these cases have a right to justice, and the British people have a right to know what happened

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UK population hits 64 million: immigration to blame

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that the UK population has reached an all-time high of 64 million.

Over the past year alone the figure has gone up by an incredible 400,000.  

This incredible growth has been caused by immigration and births to migrants.  When Tony Blair took office in 1997 the population was about 58 million.  Since then a policy of uncontrolled and unlimited immigration has been the norm.

Britain is the most densely populated country in Europe, and one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

In 2009 I warned of this unsustainable growth in my booklet, Immigration: Action Overdue.  The population projections from the ONS, and other groups, clearly showed where the numbers were heading, unless radical action was taken to limit immigration.

We can see all around us the problems caused by unlimited and uncontrolled immigration.  The increasing demands on public services, schools, transport infrastructure, etc. are apparent for all those that have eyes to see.

The biggest problem with this scale of immigration is that we cannot accommodate these vast numbers in our relative small island. The latest ONS figures predict that the population will be 68 million by 2022, and 70 million by 2022.

The British government cannot take remedial action because it is powerless to do while we are members of the European Union.  That is why we have to leave, and regain control of our borders and immigration policy.

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