Europol, Russia and NATO

I have written a great deal about how the EU is creating its own system of criminal law, and how that is destroying our ancient freedoms under English law. Also of threat are the EU institituions that implement that law. One of those institutions is Europol, the European Union’s emerging police force.


In a recent interview the head fo Europol’s Cybercrime Centre, Troels Oerting, revealed that most of the world’s organised cyber-crime is controlled from Russia. He said that he was “increasingly happy” about Europol’s “co-operation” with Russia’s “law enforcement” authorities.


This is an amazing statement to make given that Russia’s law enforcement agencies and organised crime are impossible to distinguish apart, that are to all intents and puroses one of the same – Russia is a gangster state.  Mr Oerting went on to say that had given the Russian authorities sensitive data about a number of criminal cases.


It is even more amazing given that this week a respected internet security company, Isight  warned of a massive Russian “cyber-espionage campaign” against NATO and western governments.


It is counter-productive to say the least to share sensitive information about criminal activities with our potential enemies. Russia has launched cyber-attacks already agaisnt a number of its neighbours, Estonia, Georgia, Poland and Ukraine.  Rather than protecting our interests it would seem that Europol is actively sharing sensitive data from EU member states with their potential enemy and its state-sponsored criminal gangs.


I have written to the Home Secretary this week asking her to reconsider the issue of ‘opting-in’ to the EU’s police and justice measures in the light of the potential threat this offers, and rather for the Government to put the British national interest first.


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TTIPs – Transatlantic Trade & Intvestment Partnership

I am informed today that the organisation 38 Degrees is putting out false information about my position on TTIPs. I understand that they are saying I am “sitting on the fence” on this issue.

I spoke to a representative on 38 Degrees on 8th October and clearly explained my position, which is:

  1. Trade policy should be decided by the British Parliament and not the European Union.
  2. I oppose TTIPs and if and when I get to vote on this in the European Parliament I will vote against.
  3. From what I know of the TTIPs negotiations so far it represents another aspect of the growing ‘corporatisation’ of the world whereby policy is decided by big business and not by soveriegn governments.
  4. In my ten years as a UKIP MEP I have never voted for EU legislation and I never will. The European Union has no legitimacy to legislate over the British people.

I do not know why 38 Degrees has chosen to misrepresent my views but this puts the record straight.

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Tony Blair wants ‘boots on the ground’ to fight I.S. A suggestion…

As reported on the news today (22nd Sept) Tony Blair has said, ‘using ground troops against IS (Islamic State) should not be ruled out’.  He went on, ‘deploying ground forces to fight alongside local troops has to be considered’. And who is Tony Blair exactly to pontificate on this?

Oh yes, he the most disastrous (many would say evil) Prime Minister Britain has ever had, who sent British troops into Afghanistan and Iraq to be killed and maimed in order to ‘impose democracy’ in those countries while doing all he could to destroy democracy in his own country.  He now poses as an international statesman having become a multi-millionaire on the back of his efforts to serve American foreign policy.

If Tony Blair wants “boots on the ground” in the Middle East to fight I.S. then here is a suggestion: let his boots be the first ones in.  Let’s parachute him in with a gun so that he can kick off the fighting which is so eager to see.  Just a thought of course.  Whatever happens Blair will be hiding safely behind his pile of cash.

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