Open Letter to Amjad Bashir – Do the decent thing and resign your seat.

Dear Amjad,

I am sorry that you have decided to defect from UKIP to the Conservative Party.

In your resignation email you said that your decision is a “principled decision”.  Let me now call on you to exercise those principles to their logical conclusion.

You were selected as a candidate by UKIP, the voters who elected you voted UKIP.  The people who supported your campaign, donated funds, delivered leaflets, and did all the hard work to get you elected did it for a UKIP candidate. The voters who put you in office were voting UKIP not Tory!

You should do the principled thing and resign your seat and allow the next UKIP candidate on the Party List to take up the seat. Not to do so is to betray the UKIP members and voters who put you where you are.

I think you are profoundly mistaken if you believe that David Cameron will actually deliver on his promises. The Tories have consistently betrayed our country on the EU issue since 1972. There is no reason to believe that will do anything differently going forwards.

You are also mistaken when you say that “UKIP has done its job in its campaign to bring about a referendum on Europe and introduce controls on immigration”. UKIP policy is to leave the European Union; failing there being a UKIP government to bring this about the next best thing is a free and fair referendum on membership.

The battle to bring that about is far from won. Cameron’s promises cannot be relied upon and the only way the next government can be brought to bring about a referendum is for there to be enough UKIP MPs to hold the balance of power.

As for your statement that the Tories can “offer strong immigration controls”, this is a laughable idea; Mr Cameron as already admitted that there is nothing that he can do about immigration from the EU because of the EU’s open borders policy, and immigration is not even going to figure in the Tory Manifesto.

You should do the decent thing and resign your seat! Just as our Tory defectors, Mr Carswell and Mr Reckless did recently. 

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Dr David Starkey compares Henry VIII to Nigel Farage!

Henry VIII & Nigel FarageEminent historian, the world’s greatest authority on the Tudor period, and outspoken commentator, Dr David Starkey has compared King Henry VIII to Nigel Farage. 

In a lecture given at the King’s Lynn Corn Exchange on 16th January Dr Starkey spoke on the theme of ‘The Tudors and Us’, looking at the similarities between ourselves and Tudor society. He compared various Tudor characters to what he saw as their modern counterparts, and made the comparison between the bluff King Hal and Nigel.  Unfortunately I wasn’t there so I don’t know how far the comparison went.

Interestingly, on the BBC2’s Daily Politics show on 22nd January, Andrew Neil asked ‘was Henry VIII the first euro-sceptic?’  It would have been more apt to ask, ‘was Henry VIII the first UKIPPER?’  Henry was not sceptical about anything, he knew his mind and took the appropriate action as required. And there are some parallels between his struggle with papal authority then and ours with the EU now.

I wrote about this in my book published last summer entitled, Henry VIII: Tudor Serial Killer (Published by Bretwalda Press Ltd), where I look at Henry VIII’s life from the perspective of his main victims and to understand why they lost their lives. Most of them were executed because they opposed Henry’s break with Rome.

Henry’s problem was that he needed a divorce and the only person who could grant him one was the Pope in Rome. Unfortunately the Pope was then in fear of his life from Katherine of Aragon’s nephew, Charles V the Holy Roman Emperor, and no divorce was forthcoming.  Annulments and divorces lay under the jurisdiction of Catholic Church. The Church was a parallel legal system in England and matters regarding marriage were decided in Church courts.

The whole question of a dual and competing legal jurisdiction had simmered between Rome and Kings of England from the time of King John. It came to the boil in the early 1530s. To cut a long story short, in order to obtain a divorce Henry felt obliged to break with Rome, make himself head of the English Church, and to effectively grant himself his own divorce, and in doing so he overturned a thousand years of entrenched Church power and tradition.

The parallel with today’s situation with the European Union is that we have a dual power and jurisdiction in England and it will cause continual friction until it is resolved one way or another. We can kowtow and accept a higher authority, or rebel and reject it. Henry was eventually forced to take the latter course. Henry did not mess around with ‘renegotiation the terms of England’s relationship with Rome’, once he decided to resolve the situation he ruthlessly severed the links with the Catholic church.

We only have to overturn 42 years of foreign authority in our country, and we won’t need someone quite as ruthless as Henry VIII to accomplish it: just a Prime Minister and Parliament with the guts to repeal the repeal the 1973 European Communities Act and take us out of the European Union.


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Over 80% want to leave the European Union!

An opinion poll of 14,000 people conducted in three constituencies in Northamptonshire asked if they want to remain in the European Union or not.

81.1% voted to leave, while only 18.9% voted to stay in.   This was biggest single test of public opinion since the gerrymandered referendum of 1975; and it was conducted in a part of England considered to be ‘middle England’, thereby reflecting what a growing number of the population feel.

UKIP policy since it was formed in 1993 is for Britain to leave the European Union.  In the absence of a UKIP government with a mandate to take Britain out the next best option is for a genuinely free, fair, and equally funded referendum of the people.

It is getting harder and harder for the Westminster parties to ignore the mounting pressure to give the people a say on this matter.  The Lib-Dems are facing electoral wipe-out next May and will be irrelevant, and the Tory and Labour parties also face a massive loss of votes.

UKIP will win a number of seats in Westminster (only time will tell how many) and they can keep up the pressure on whatever government emerges to hold a referendum. Public disgust with being ruled by the undemocratic EU is mounting and support for leaving is growing every day. The day when we do leave and regain our rights of national self-determination comes ever closer.

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