Tony Blair wants ‘boots on the ground’ to fight I.S. A suggestion…

As reported on the news today (22nd Sept) Tony Blair has said, ‘using ground troops against IS (Islamic State) should not be ruled out’.  He went on, ‘deploying ground forces to fight alongside local troops has to be considered’. And who is Tony Blair exactly to pontificate on this?

Oh yes, he the most disastrous (many would say evil) Prime Minister Britain has ever had, who sent British troops into Afghanistan and Iraq to be killed and maimed in order to ‘impose democracy’ in those countries while doing all he could to destroy democracy in his own country.  He now poses as an international statesman having become a multi-millionaire on the back of his efforts to serve American foreign policy.

If Tony Blair wants “boots on the ground” in the Middle East to fight I.S. then here is a suggestion: let his boots be the first ones in.  Let’s parachute him in with a gun so that he can kick off the fighting which is so eager to see.  Just a thought of course.  Whatever happens Blair will be hiding safely behind his pile of cash.

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The Road to Freedom

RTF Book LaunchMy new book The Road to Freedom (published by Bretwalda Books Ltd) was officially launched on Tuesday 16th September in the European Parliament office in London.

The argument for Britain leaving the European Union has now been won, with opinion polls showing that a majority of people believe that Britain would be better off outside the EU. The big debate that will follow will be about how Britain can leave the EU.

I argue that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is a trap. It is not a mechanism to allow countries to leave the EU but rather a mechanism for preventing them doing so. Any country that did successfully complete EU withdrawal under the complex and protracted procedure of Article 50 would not in fact achieve full independence.

The only way that Britain can leave the EU and restore our full independence, democracy and national sovereignty is by means of unilateral and unconditional withdrawal. I lay out how this is possible under the English Constitution, under English and international law, and the practical terms of doing so.

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Batten in Brussels & Strasbourg July 2014

Parliament ‘elects’ Cameron’s new boss

On Tuesday 16th July the European Parliament had the farcical experience of voting for the next President of the European Commission. I say farcical because there was only one candidate – Jean-Claude Juncker. This was the European Union’s idea of democracy. Mr Juncker was put before the MEPs as the only candidate and we duly filled in our ballot papers. True, if more than 50% of MEPs voted against him his candidature would have been vetoed but that was never going to happen, read more… 

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