UKIP MEP Gerard Batten beats Lib-Dem MEP in EU membership debate

On 2nd April the Newham Recorder ran two articles side-by-side. The subject was membership of the EU.

The case for staying in was put by Dame Sarah Ludford the Lib-Dem MEP, and the case for getting out by myself, Gerard Batten MEP. We both represent London.

A poll of the public, taken by twitter, facebook and email,  followed during the week and the result was published in the 9th April edition. The results were:

· The case for staying in (Dame Sarah Ludford Lib-Dem) 37%

· The case for leaving (Gerard Batten UKIP) 63%

 This is a decisive victory for the case for the argument for Britain leaving the European Union.  Newham is a Labour controlled borough with a high immigrant population. The fact that UKIP can do as well as this shows just how popular our policy of leaving the European Union is with all sections of the population.

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How many of our laws come from the European Union?

In the TV debates between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg, Mr Clegg made the claim that only 7% of our new laws come from the EU. Nigel accused him of lying.  What does the EU itself say?

EU Commissioner, Viviane Reding recently said this:  “Nobody gets a special treatment. All citizens are equal and all member states are equal. But yes, I do not know if it is now 80% or if it is 75%. The truth is that most laws which are applied and executed, implemented at national level are based on European laws, which, are, Directives, which then have to be translated into national laws.

“So the most, the biggest part of the legislation which is applied in a given member state, in one of the 28, is decided by the European Parliament in co-decision with the Council of European Ministers, and that is why it is so important that people are aware of the power which they entrust to the European Parliamentarians; who in a majority vote can decide upon the laws which afterwards are applied or not applied in the European member states.”

Yes, exactly.  Our Parliament’s main role now is to transpose EU Directives into national law by means of Acts of Parliament. They have no choice, if they don’t obey they will be fined by the European Court of Justice and have to do it anyway.

IN 2006 a report by the German federal parliament put the figure of new laws coming from the EU as 84%.  We  know that the Germans are precise with numbers and if that figure is true for them then it will be very similar for the UK.

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European Arrest Warrant ‘Proportionality Test’ is a red herring

Today’s Torygraph carries a report that the European Union will reject Britain’s request for a ‘proportionality test’ to be applied to the European Arrest Warrant.

The Government plans to opt-in to the 35 worst EU measures on EU police and criminal justice measures on 1st June. Under the Lisbon Treaty it could opt out of all of 135 of them,  but has chosen to opt-out of 100 irrelevant and defunct measures but embrace the remaining 35, including the EAW.

Even our appeasing and quisling government cannot ignore the growing number of cases of gross injustice caused by the EAW since its creation in 2004.  They propose a ‘proportionality test’ to ensure that ‘trivial’ applications are not made. But various EU member states are objecting and may scupper their plans.

The proportionality issue is a red herring. The problem with the EAW is that any British citizen can be transported to any other EU country without a shred of evidence being produced against them, but merely on just one of thirty two vague allegations. They can then be kept  in prison for months or years while the case is ‘investigated’.

Can the government explain why it is OK to be ‘judicially surrendered’ to another country on trumped-up accusation of serious offences, e.g. murder, arson or terrorism, but not OK for trivial offences?  If you are the one being consigned to a foreign prison the effect is the same be for a serious or trivial accusation.

The issue is that no one should be extradited to another country unless that country can show convincing prima facie evidence to a British court; and where the foreign authorities have done all their investigative work and are ready to lay a charge. That is what must happen here before the British authorities can extradite someone from the EU to Britain.

The Tories are now in another panic as they realise they cannot get what they want before the deadline at the end of May.

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