David Cameron’s false promises exposed

In the shadow of the UKIP electoral threat David Cameron has made desperate promises that he cannot keep.

He has said that we will ‘renegotiate’ Britain’s relationship with the EU in order to limit the number of migrants. However the outgoing President of the European Commission, Manuel Barroso pointed out that open borders and free movement is a fundamental principle of the European Union and it simply will not happen.

During the plenary session in Strasbourg this week one of my UKIP colleagues, Jim Carver, asked a question during a debate of Conservative MEP Charles Tannock.  Jim asked him what his position was on Turkish entry to the EU?  Mr Tannock answered, that ‘Conservative Party policy was in favour of Turkish entry’.

So there you have it, while Mr Cameron makes false promises on controlling immigration he, his Party, and his MEPs in Brussels are in favour of allowing Turkey to join the EU and thereby giving another 72 million people the right to come to Britain if they want to.

To make matters worse, today if was announced that the EU has presented Britain with a bill for £1.7 billion towards the EU Budget. This increases the UK contribution to the budget by about 20% for this year.   Our Government signed up to the rules that make this possible. It should not come as a surprise to them.

This payment is a ‘surcharge’ because our economy is performing better in relation to other EU member states. Meanwhile the French get a rebate for £790 million; other countries are also getting money back at British taxpayer’s expense.

You could look at it as fine for managing our economy slightly better than the French, who then get a consolation payment for their mismanagement of their own economy. As with so much with the EU it is a world gone mad.

David Cameron is lying through his teeth in a desperate attempt to try and cover up what is happening, and what will happen in the future.

Britain is not a free, independent or sovereign country any more. The only way we can change that and stop these insanities is to leave the European Union.


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21st October – Trafalgar Day

Today, 21st October, is the 209th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar when Admiral Lord Nelson annihilated the combined French and Spanish fleets at Cape Trafalgar in 1805.

Gerard Batten with Mary Arthur, great-great-great-great grand-daughter of Lord Nelson

Gerard Batten with Mary Arthur, great-great-great-great grand-daughter of Lord Nelson

Nelson once and for all put an end to any threat of invasion to Britain by Napoleon’s armies, and achieved British naval supremacy over the French that enabled Wellington, and Britain’s allies, to achieve complete victory over Napoleon ten years later at Waterloo. The Royal Navy enjoyed supremacy at sea for the following one hundred years thanks to Nelson’s legacy – and not forgetting the thousands of brave officers and men and women who made his successes possible.

Horatio Lord Nelson was the greatest military leader that England has ever produced. His life, work and personality reward study and sets examples even today. What a pity that our schools no longer teach anything of genuine English history and how such heroes preserved our independence and freedoms through the centuries.

On Saturday 18th October I attended a celebratory dinner in Greenwich held by the Nelson Society (www.nelson-society.com) which exists to ‘promote interest and appreciation of the character and life of Admiral Lord Nelson’.  There I had the great pleasure of once again meeting Mary Arthur who is the great-great-great-great granddaughter of Nelson and Emma Lady Hamilton by descent through their daughter Horatia.

Nelson and those who served with him ensured that Britain could continue as a free and independent nation. Their achievement and sacrifice will never be forgotten as long as the English nation continues to exist.


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Europol, Russia and NATO

I have written a great deal about how the EU is creating its own system of criminal law, and how that is destroying our ancient freedoms under English law. Also of threat are the EU institituions that implement that law. One of those institutions is Europol, the European Union’s emerging police force.


In a recent interview the head fo Europol’s Cybercrime Centre, Troels Oerting, revealed that most of the world’s organised cyber-crime is controlled from Russia. He said that he was “increasingly happy” about Europol’s “co-operation” with Russia’s “law enforcement” authorities.


This is an amazing statement to make given that Russia’s law enforcement agencies and organised crime are impossible to distinguish apart, that are to all intents and puroses one of the same – Russia is a gangster state.  Mr Oerting went on to say that had given the Russian authorities sensitive data about a number of criminal cases.


It is even more amazing given that this week a respected internet security company, Isight  warned of a massive Russian “cyber-espionage campaign” against NATO and western governments.


It is counter-productive to say the least to share sensitive information about criminal activities with our potential enemies. Russia has launched cyber-attacks already agaisnt a number of its neighbours, Estonia, Georgia, Poland and Ukraine.  Rather than protecting our interests it would seem that Europol is actively sharing sensitive data from EU member states with their potential enemy and its state-sponsored criminal gangs.


I have written to the Home Secretary this week asking her to reconsider the issue of ‘opting-in’ to the EU’s police and justice measures in the light of the potential threat this offers, and rather for the Government to put the British national interest first.


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